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The 12th (Shanghai) World Tourism Expo concluded successfully

Issuing time:2021-01-19 16:30

From May 14 to 18, "2015 China · Taiyuan International Automobile Exhibition" will be held in Shanxi coal trading center. This exhibition will launch preferential policies for new car sales, quality used cars, new energy vehicles and other models.

With the coming of the auto show, the whole city tour of "dameilong city" initiated by the Organizing Committee of the auto show began. The tour is composed of three teams: the front team is the Harley motorcycle team, which will be composed of 20-30 Harley motorcycles, each of which will be equipped with uniform models; the second team is the master team, with Barton car as the head car, 6 classic cars in the middle and Hummer car as the tail car; the third team is the super team Run the team, with Rolls Royce as the head car, 8-10 super sports cars in the middle, and Bentley as the tail car. The huge motorcade completely ignites the enthusiasm of the riders.

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Exhibition Design
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