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The signing ceremony of 2015 China ASEAN Expo tourism exhibition was held in Guilin

Issuing time:2021-01-19 17:07

On the morning of May 8, the signing ceremony for the partners of the 2015 China ASEAN Expo Tourism Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Tourism Exhibition") was held in Guilin Huaxing hotel. The organizers of the tourism exhibition have signed cooperation agreements with 21 partners respectively. The partners will jointly publicize and promote the tourism exhibition, so as to realize resource sharing and win-win cooperation. Yu Changguo, deputy director of the personnel department of the National Tourism Administration and assistant mayor, Zhou Ying, director of the Municipal Bureau of Expo Affairs, Liang Zhiyong, deputy director, long Linfeng, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, Zhang Zhihong, deputy director of the Municipal Tourism Development Commission, and the principal persons in charge of all counties and districts and the tourism exhibition partners attended the signing ceremony. Shi Xi, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, presided over the signing ceremony.

At the meeting, Yu Changguo gave a detailed introduction to the current tourism exhibition. The exhibition will be held in Guilin International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 29 to 31, 2015. At that time, guests from nearly 50 countries and regions, nearly 800 enterprises and more than 300 high-quality overseas buyers will come to the exhibition, and the scale of the exhibition will reach 23000 square meters. At the same time, he stressed that "the leaders of the National Tourism Administration attach great importance to the preparations for the tourism exhibition. Li Jinzao, director of the National Tourism Administration, and Li Shihong, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration, have listened to the progress reports and made comments on them for many times According to the instructions, Lantian Li, member of the Standing Committee and vice chairman of the Party committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and Zhang Xiaoqin, vice chairman, listened to the work reports twice in half a month. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government also attached great importance to it and repeatedly stressed that the preparation of the tourism exhibition should be taken as a top priority and the whole city should do a good job in organizing it. " At present, the exhibition business and publicity work are progressing smoothly. The participation of many enterprises fully reflects the strategic vision of using "two markets" and "two resources", and shows the confidence of jointly running the tourism exhibition with the organizers, as well as the vision of mutually beneficial cooperation to develop the large market of China ASEAN Free Trade Area. He said that with the support of enterprises, this tourism exhibition will be a complete success, and it will also provide more development space and create more business opportunities for more enterprises to go out of Guangxi, to the whole country and to the world.

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