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The international automobile industry exhibition will be held from May 13 to 18

Issuing time:2021-01-19 17:07

The development of China's automobile industry is magnificent. Especially in the past ten years, she has experienced unprecedented changes. As one of China's five major international auto shows, Qingdao International Auto Show (hereinafter referred to as Qingdao International Auto Show) has been working hand in hand with domestic and foreign auto enterprises since its establishment. It shows the broad prospects of future auto industry development deduced by scientific and technological progress, and at the same time, it also appreciates and feels With the continuous coordinated development of automobile culture and human life, it produces infinite charm

Qingdao International Auto Show, which started in 2002, is one of the five major international auto shows in China, a major international auto event in Shandong, and one of the major festivals in Qingdao. Over the past 13 years, Qingdao International Auto Show has established the exhibition characteristics of "fashion, environmental protection and fair competition". It is a test field for new car release at home and abroad, and is also praised by the industry as the wind vane leading the northern auto market. The development of Qingdao International Auto Show has also achieved its height, scale and brand. It has gradually become an influential professional brand exhibition in China's auto industry, which integrates the display and transaction of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, RV, auto parts and auto supplies.

1、 Basic information of 2015 Qingdao International Auto Show:

The 14th Qingdao International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2015 is sponsored by China Society of automotive engineering and Shandong Automobile Industry Association, and jointly organized by Shandong society of automotive engineering and Qingdao jialubo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. With the theme of "green, the road to the future", the exhibition will open all indoor and outdoor venues of Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, including eight indoor pavilions and five pavilions, with a total scale of more than 120000 square meters. In addition, the exhibition area of RV and parallel import will be set up in the corridor of hall 5 and hall 7, which will display the world's top-quality RV and luxury cars; the new energy exhibition area and test drive experience area will be set up in the North Square, which will focus on the important achievements in the field of new energy in our province. At the same time, the 10th China (Qingdao) RV and RV exhibition, the 10th China Shandong commercial vehicle and special purpose vehicle exhibition and the 10th China (Qingdao) electric vehicle and new energy exhibition will be held.

On the schedule of the exhibition, in order to facilitate journalists to conduct all-round and multi angle interviews on the auto show, the organizer will set may 13 as media and professional audience day, which will be open to domestic and foreign news media. Major auto manufacturers will hold press conferences on media day. May 14-18 is the general audience day, which will be open to domestic and foreign audiences. From the perspective of exhibits, the exhibition will focus on various types of cars, business vehicles, buses, trucks, special vehicles, automobile design and new concept products, various auto parts, automobile audio, tires, automobile inspection and maintenance equipment, automobile supplies, etc., reflecting the leading achievements of the international automobile industry and the leading technologies of domestic enterprises in recent years And products, a comprehensive display of the development level of the contemporary automotive industry.

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